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Sanctuary Madonna dello Splendore (Giulianova)

Sanctuary Madonna dello Splendore (Giulianova)

In April 1557 a farmer Bertolino, while engaged in the collection of firewood, he saw a great light with smiling Virgin instructed him to preach to the beautiful community of news: the Mother of God had chosen the town of Giulianova to be honored with the construction of a sanctuary.

As proof of the miracle, the base of an 'olive tree, gushed a pure water source, which still exists today. Those who come to spend in the country can visit the source of miracle and wet himself his forehead, so will be blessed by Our Lady.

Distance: 6.5 km

Sanctuary of St. Gabriel

The religiosity of Abruzzo, through the millennia, has concretized the expressions of devotion in some big sanctuaries.

The first, where every year arrive more than two million faithful, is situated at the foot of the Gran Sasso and is dedicated to a young Passionist Saint. His name is St. Gabriel. The fame of San Gabriele exploded in 1892 when his remains were exhumed and on his thumb the first clamorous prodigies happened. In 1920 he was proclaimed a saint and in 1959 Pope John XXIII declared him patron of Abruzzo.

Distance: 60km.

Sanctuary of St. Gabriel


The beautiful city of Loreto, immersed in the Marche countryside, owes its fame to the sanctuary where it is kept and venerated the Holy House of the Virgin Mary; a sacred place, called by Pope John Paul II the "true Marian heart of Christendom".

The sanctuary has been for centuries and is still one of the places of pilgrimage among the most important of the Catholic world. E 'it was visited by about 200 saints and blessed, and several Popes.

In Loreto Maria welcomes you into his house to make you relive the grace of the largest in all of history!

Distance: 80km.